If you are the owner of a (second) house on Curaçao or are planning to become so, renting for short or long term would be a good option to make a good return on your investment. The relatively low prices for property on Curacao and the rates of the Euro are factors that make it attractive to invest in an object, which in addition can function as your own holiday home as well as render in rental.


Once you are the owner of an object, it can be of great importance that your property is rented and well managed. If you have affinity with the Internet, it is possible to succeed in renting out your property, but to manage your property will easily create problems when you are not on the island 24/7.


VRC Property Management N.V. is a professional, internationally oriented company, that will take the managerial tasks very serious in order to keep your property in an excellent state.

We offer a complete package that takes care of everyting:

  • we will help you with the preparation of the home;
  • we will provide local management of the home;
  • we will realize the marketing of your home through modern internet solutions, and
  • we will arrange and administer, if desired, all your requests and bookings.

Of course there is a lot more to it than just the professional management and rental of properties from third parties:

The entire process regarding the reception of guests, management, maintenance of your property and the hospitality towards your guests is extensive thought out and professionalised. The overall work is done by our own team, so not only you as an owner, but also your guests get the attention they deserve.

At home on the island:

For all issues we know the (local) answer. We look and choose critically and where possible look locally. This to ensure we can offer support and quality solutions, but at the same time support the island as well. We can be your partner in terms of maintenance, brokerage, acquisition support, valuations, contruction, swimming pools, air conditioning, alarm systems, interior decoration and financal mediation.


Modern Marketing tools:

Of course, it is first and foremost that you get the highest possible return. For that you need guests who will use your holiday home.

To get in touch with these potential guests, VRC makes use of modern marketing tools. Through our website, www.villarentalcuracao.com, potential renters are being informed about the different possibilities that we have to offer. For further and more detailed information, the guests are being forwarded to the website of your property. This website will be hosted by us and linked to the main portal.

The website of the property also allows, if desired, that you do your own marketing and leasing activities. After all, your home network is often more powerful than any other network!

All applications through any of these websites are being collected and answered from a central, modern back office system. In this system, all requests, bookings, costs and benefits are collected and once a month you will receive an update and invoice.



Your precious investment is in good hands! We are your host, manager and housekeeper in one and will make sure you have as much of your property to enjoy. Full pre-and follow-up checks are being documented, we are avoiding problems and ensure satisfied guests and owners!